Are You Shy or Nervous about exposing your body. Not to worry we are here to guide you. We offer services to protect your integrity while still being able to fit you for a Bra.

What to Expect from our Bra Fitting Session.

Every woman’s body is different. A tape measure doesn’t define your fit and style. Our Certified and experienced fitters use various methods to find the precise support for your breast.


You’ve come this far. The day has arrived. We know this is extremely personal and we want to make this a very pleasant experience for you. We do not judge, our job is to create a relaxing atmosphere at this precious time in your life.

How to Tell if Your Bra Fits in 3 Easy Steps

Is your Band the right fit ?

The back band provides 90% of a bra's support. A proper-sized band will fit right underneath your bustline. It should not ride up nor should it be loose. Your band should hug your body tightly.

When you lift your arms over your head, do you feel the band slide up your body or lift away from your torso like in "Image A"?

Are your cups too Large and spilling over Bra ?

To give a smooth, attractive line to your clothing, your breast must
fill the cup completely. Face the mirror and look at where the cup joins
the strap.

Are there any gaps between the bra and your breast or wrinkles in fabric like in "Image A"?

Are The Cups Too Small?

The cup should be comfortable and smooth. Face the mirror at an angle and look at the top edge of your bra.

Does the breast “bubble up” above the bra like in "Image A"?

Changing Women’s lives One Beautiful Fit at a Time!