Twisty Turban Buttery Soft Lilac


Our Beautiful Twisty Turban gives you a stylish look without all the effort. Our newest addition to our Buttery Soft Collection, this double layered cap will soon be your go-to turban! Stylish enough to wear outside yet comfortable enough to sleep, the Twisty Turban will keep you warm and cozy whenever you need it. * Comfortable, soft, no-slip & fuss free * Perfect for sensitive scalps * Stylish twist design * Made with stretchy buttery soft fabric * Stretches to fit * Made in the USA Turban Plus, Inc. offers a full selection of stylish, comfortable, easy-to-wear cancer hats and scarves, chemo beanies, sleep caps, turbans, head wraps and other cancer headwear specifically designed for alopecia, chemo hair loss. Turban Plus, Inc. is a trusted provider of chemo head covers since 1969.