Mastectomy Recovery Button Down Tank with Surgical Drain Pockets


Color: Black

This mastectomy recovery tank top is a comfortable way to manage drains post mastectomy, or any other surgery that may require them. Leave the house with your drains safely hidden. It is a great mastectomy recovery or breast cancer gift. This tank top is so soft and lightweight. It is perfect to wear on it’s own or under your own button down or zip up shirts. Order your normal size for a more fitted look or a size up for a looser fit. You can even go a size down for a snug fit and wear instead of a mastectomy bra, these have a nice stretch to them.

There are two large pockets. One on each side. Each pocket can hold multiple drains. One benefit to these tanks is that they keep the drains snug against your body so that they are not swinging around inside looser fitting clothing, which can be painful.  You can wear a looser fitting button down or zip up sweatshirt over the tank top and the drains will not even be noticeable. It is made of a soft, cotton/viscose/spandex blend.

For more tips on what else you might need for an upcoming mastectomy, see my blog post: Mastectomy Recovery - What You Need to be Prepared

When I had my bilateral mastectomy I had no idea that the drains would be the worst part of it. I asked around to see what I could do to make the process easier. I was told you had to attach them to the inside of your clothes with little safety pins. Then you had to undo and redo the safety pins multiple times a day, on multiple drains, to empty them. Not easy when you are sore and feeling terrible. After doing some research online and finding post surgery camisoles cost $50-$60 each, for something you only need for two to four weeks, I decided to sew pockets to the inside of some of my shirts and it made the whole process so much easier. The nurses also really appreciated it because they are often the ones doing the pinning in the first couple of days after surgery.